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Enero 25, 2018
Elysium Latest Updates


  • Rage Mechanics
    • Armor now properly reduces the rage generated from taking damage.
    • Parrying or dodging an attack no longer generates rage.
    • Players now generate rage whenever their auto attacks are parried or dodged.
  • Procs and damage shields no longer trigger on parried or dodged attacks.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing several weapon effects from proccing off instant attacks.
  • Players and NPCs can no longer obtain Holy resistance by any means. (level-based resists and general spell hit rules still apply to Holy spells)
  • Elemental school melee attacks now ignore the damage reduction from armor and can no longer crush or be blocked.
  • Ground targeted spells like Blizzard and Flamestrike now require line of sight to cast.
  • Elemental and Mechanical type creatures are now immune to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects.
  • Several varieties of undead are now immune to Bleed effects.
  • Bosses are now generally immune to cast speed debuffs like Curse of Tongues.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the chance for Fear to break on damage to be lower than intended.
  • Pets should stop attacking whenever their target is crowd controlled by a spell that breaks on damage.
  • Pets now benefit from strength buffs properly.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing the 'You have slain' message to appear twice in the combat log.
  • Fixed several bugs that were preventing spell visuals from being sent to the client.
  • Weather will now synchronise correctly for all players in a zone. Let it snow… or rain, most likely.
  • Corrected a minor visual bug with some Molten Core runes after dowsing.
  • Belnistrasz of Razorfen Downs has rehearsed his script.
  • Razormane Stalkers now correctly use Sinister Strike ability during the fight & Stealth until engaged in combat.
  • Luna Spiritclaw should now correctly trigger quest completion for Alliance players.
  • Alterac Valley Ram Riders should now despawn when their own Stormpike Ram Rider Commander dies, not when the Frostwolf Wolf Rider Commander dies.
  • Removing TBC GOSSIP's from the Undercity Guards. No paladins allowed.
  • Artisan FA trainers are displaying GOSSIP's for learning the abilities for Heavy Mageweave, Runecloth and Heavy Runecloth Bandages now.
  • Tyrande Whisperwind is no longer mistakenly considered a faction leader and her respawn timer has been fixed.
  • Several important rare spawns now benefit from dynamic respawn rates.
  • Broken Tooth and some other rare spawns now have randomized spawn points.
  • Many mobs should no longer spam their disarm or net abilities.
  • E* scort NPCs now have a smaller ‘help radius’.


  • The Rhok’delar epic quest chain has received a major rewrite.
  • The Lord of Blackrock quests and their corresponding events for turning in the head of Nefarian have been fixed for both factions.
  • ‘Scarlet Subterfuge’, ‘In Dreams’ have been updated to work properly.
  • ‘Freedom For All Creatures’ now works properly.
  • ‘Wanted: Murkdeep’ now correctly scripted.